DNA Test Kit

DNA Test Kit

More genes, more nutrition, and health insights. Offered through our CLIA-certified labs, Gene Food test kits unlock a new system of eating, plus health reports powered by your DNA.


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About the Product

More genes, more nutrition insights. Offered through our CLIA certifies labs, Gene Food test kits unlock a new system of eating powered by your DNA.

Data is kept 100% confidential and secure
Designed by Dr. Aaron Gardner, BSc, MRes, PhD
Learn your ideal diet type
Heart healthy diet, LDL genes, blood sugar, dairy and much more
Upload Raw Data
Upload existing raw data from Ancestry, 23andme, MyHeritage, and other providers to get your Diet Type, Meal Plan, and basic health reports.
Methalation, LDL score, and micronutrients
Food sensitivities including wheat, lactose, caffeiene, and alcohol
Results ready in 5 minutes
Option to upgrade for new health reports and genes
DNA Test
Get tested through Gene Food and access more complete scoring than raw data can offer.
More genes, more coverage.
Fill in the “gaps” from third party raw data files
Illumina GSA3 plus an additional 26,000 custom SNPs
Option to upgrade for new health reports and genes
Complete histamine score
Health Intelligence
New genes and health reports added every month.
Plus, access our library of premium health reports like sleep chronotype, Keto Score, cannabis, cholesterol absorption, uric acid, and more.
Access to premium health reports and genes
New health reports and genes added every month
Learn how the latest research applies to you

How it Works

Gene Food software scores genetic data to offer users health and nutrition insights based on the latest scientific research. Health professionals can manage client’s health reports from one account.

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