DNA Test Kit

DNA Test Kit

More genes, more nutrition, and health insights. Offered through our CLIA-certified labs, Gene Food test kits unlock a new system of eating, plus health reports powered by your DNA.


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About the Product

More genes, more nutrition insights. Offered through our CLIA-certified lab, Gene Food DNA test kits unlock a new system of eating powered by your DNA, plus the health reports you care most about.

Privacy Protected and Confidential

Proprietary Gene Food Diet Type + Meal Plan

Methylation Panel

New Genes and Reports Every Month

Cholesterol Absorption

Micronutrients & Deficiency Risk

MTHFR Status

LDL and Saturated Fat

Ketogenic Diet Analysis

Alcohol Metabolism

Caffeine Metabolism

Sleep Chronotype

Histamine Scoring

Glutathione & Detox Pathways

COMT, MTRR, MTR, AHCY, and more SNPs

Personalized Results in our Genetics Guide

20 Unique Diet Types, Where Will You Fit?

Gene Food uses a proprietary nutrition algorithm which classifies customers into one of twenty diet types based on over 120 vetted genetic factors. Gene Food can score existing genetic data from providers like 23andme and Ancestry.

Diet Types

How it Works

Gene Food software scores genetic data to offer users health and nutrition insights based on the latest scientific research. Health professionals can manage client’s health reports from one account.

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